Our Strategy


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to link ImunexinsTM with defined therapeutic functions to commercially validated or clinically tested therapeutic antibodies to create a bispecific or trispecific with improved utility. Our patented “plug-n-play” approach has several key advantages:

1. ImunexinsTM can be coupled to the parent antibody without affecting the binding efficiency, folding or manufacturing of either the parent antibody or of the ImunexinsTM.

2. The physical and therapeutic properties of the parent antibody are known as they are either clinically or commercially validated.

3. The safety and efficacy of the therapeutic target is also clinically or commercially characterised.

4. Allows rapid pipeline generation. Identifying a therapeutic target and monoclonal antibody is a laborious and costly process with inherent developmental risk that requires years of validation studies. Each ImunexinTM module can be easily and cheaply added to a wide range of parent monoclonal antibodies, enabling Imunexus to ‘piggy back’ on years of work to create a more potent therapeutic by turbo charging the parent antibodies.

Imunexus’ competitive advantage is speed, cost and productivity. Unlike most antibody therapeutic programmes, once an appropriate ImunexinTM has been discovered and optimised, the technology can develop re-engineered antibodies from concept to investigational new drug candidate ready for pre-clinical development within approximately two months for a cost of only a few thousand dollars. Traditional drug developers take years and several million dollars to achieve the same. This advantage is one of the keys to Imunexus’ potential.