Improving & ENHANcING antibody efFIcacy

By Converting Antibodies Into Bispecifics

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Bispecifics and how they work

A normal antibody can bind one specific target (i.e. it has one specificity). A bispecific is an engineered protein that is composed of two different antibodies or parts of antibodies that are fused together so that the engineered protein (a bispecific) can bind two different targets at the same time (i.e. it has two specificities).

Imunexus is developing its bispecific technology to make new medicines that are potentially more effective in treating specific diseases.

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The team behind Imunexus

The Imunexus Board of Directors, Management and Research and Development teams are experienced personnel with substantial achievements across the fields of drug development and commercialisation of new therapeutics, scientific research, business development and finance.

Collectively, the team have significant experience in the identification, design and development of successful antibody technology platforms and potential antibody products and have a history in establishing strong patent portfolios.

The Company’s management team are experienced in deriving value from intellectual property through licensing, mergers and acquisitions within the pharmaceutical industry.

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Imunexus has received growing attention from its success in Shenzhen. Check out the article posted on

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Bispecifics and how they work

Latest News

19th Jan 2018: Imunexus has “Talked Business” with Alan Kohler

Dr George Kopsidas  was recently interviewed by Alan Kohler who highlighted the Company and our approach to cancer therapeutics.  Alan Kohler is a well respected Australian financial journalist, newspaper editor and behind the online financial publication, The Constant Investor.  Click on the podcast or on title to find the podcast.

1st Aug 2017: Imunexus presents at the 18th Annual Protein Expression Workshop

Imunexus was invited to present at the 18th Annual Protein Expression Workshop (PEWS).  Dr George Kopsidas gave a 40 min talk to a large audience of scientists, protein engineers, representatives from well-respected organisations including CSL, CSIRO, WEHI, the Hudson, the Baker IDI, Melbourne, Monash and La Trobe Universities, and the representatives from the  Victorian Government […]

27th Mar 2017: Imunexus is Featured on Channel 10 News

On Sunday the 26th of March the Imunexus team welcomed Channel 10 news to our laboratory in Parkville to discuss the potential impact that Imunexus will have in the area of Breast Cancer.  Please follow the link to watch our team in action.  Latest technology in the fight against cancer Visiting the team was reporter Georgina […]


Imunexus' technology can convert antibodies into bispecifics

The Company’s technology allows it to potentially generate bispecifics directly from existing antibodies or other proteins. An advantage of the Imunexus approach over other existing technologies is that our technology can be applied directly to antibodies or other proteins to “convert” them into bispecifics, confer them with specific additional properties and consequently, improve the antibody’s characteristics.