Why Invest


  Cutting Edge Multispecific Generating Technology  

The imunexin platform rapidly generates bispecific therapeutics for treating a wide range of human diseases by converting existing traditional monospecific drugs into bispecific drugs.

  Focused on Improving Existing Drugs

Improving existing drugs  reduces risk, cost and timelines. Approach has generated multiple potential pipeline and partner products

  Allows For Multiple Pipeline and Partner Products


Multiple lead products in development considerably defraying drug development risk.

-IMX101 for small cell lung cancer – unmet medical need.

-IMX113 for rare pediatric disease.

-IMX39 for multiple sclerosis.

Imunexus technology has been externally validated with 2 partner agreements.

  -The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute - Neuropathologies.

  -Mesoblast Ltd – Up to 5 next-gen mesenchymal stem cell therapies.

  Faster, Lower Risk, Reduced Cost Drug Development

By converting existing monospecific drugs into bispecifics, cost, timelines and risk is reduced as many steps in the new drug development pathway are bypassed. 

  Early Pharma Engagement

Pharma is actively seeking early bispecific technology and products.  95% of global business for bispecific technology/products done at the POC, discovery or preclinical stage of development.


For further information or if you wish to enquire regarding investment in Imunexus please make contact via our info@immunexus.com.