Immunexus’ Engage New Science Team

We are pleased to confirm that George Kopsidas our CSO has successfully recruited our science team and they are fully operational at our new premises at La Trobe University.

4 scientists have been hired.

  • 2 PhD’s
  • 1 Masters,
  • 1 BSc Hons

Dr Jan Terhag has 12 years’ experience with significant experience in stem cell biology and leads the stem cell project along with Ms Mary-Anne Schmidt. 

Mary-Anne Schmidt has 21 years’ experience in the field of cell biology, protein and antibody engineering and, importantly, has worked extensively with the imunexin scaffold in the past.  Mary-Anne also has extensive laboratory manager experience and performs that role at Imunexus.

Dr Kathy Parisi has 27 years research experience and has joined the Imunexus team out of Hexima Ltd.  Dr Parisi has extensive experience with phage display and product discovery/development and leads the development of our IMX101 product along with Mary-Anne and Ellen Vo.  

Gavin Nieuwenhuiys recently joined the team as Research Assistant. He has a MSc (Masters) degree in Biotechnology with 5 years previous experience at the Australian Clinical Laboratories.